How to Prepare For A Home Inspection When Selling A House in Ohio


A prospective buyer will typically hire a home inspector to visit the property and visually inspect its condition during the home-buying process. The home inspector is looking for anything that could be a safety hazard, is getting close to its end of life, or doesn’t work right in any other way. The home inspection can be a stressful process, particularly for the seller. It’s critical to remember that the home inspection is not a test that can be passed or failed and that no home is ever perfect.

The home inspection’s sole objective is to provide potential buyers with as much information as possible about the property’s condition so that they can make an informed purchase decision. In that sense, home inspections also make it easier for you and the other party to renegotiate. You are not required to make any repairs as the seller. Still, if the contract includes an inspection clause, the buyer will have the option to walk away without being penalized if they are dissatisfied with the home inspection results.

Following are the essential tips for preparation while selling your house in Ohio. Considering these tips, you can make the house-selling process transparent & smooth. 

Importance of Curb Appeal

When a buyer arrives, making an excellent first impression is very important. However, a different kind of curb appeal can speed up the inspection process for your home.

  1. Scale back any vegetation to guarantee about a foot of leeway between it and the house. 
  1. Take a visual look at the trim and siding; if you notice any damage, you should have it fixed first. 
  1. Trim and replace any exposed nail heads and any missing caulking.
  1. Make sure all exterior doors, locks, and deadbolts work properly. Make sure any gaps you see are filled in correctly. 

Make Your Interior Ready 

Perform a quick inspection of the interior now that the exterior has been taken care of, and make any necessary replacements or repairs to make it ready for review. This comprises:

  1. Checking the operation of the hot water heater and all interior doors and locks, 
  1. Looking for leaks under sinks
  1. Changing the filter on an HVAC system
  1. Inspecting the caulking, trim, and seals and checking the operation of smoke detectors are all vital safety measures. 

Accessibility To All Areas 

You will need to provide them with keys, garage door openers, or door codes for these units because home inspectors will typically examine all buildings on sell your house as is, including garages and other outbuildings like “granny flats” or other detached units.

Also, if your sprinkler system or any other system has utility boxes or electrical panel boxes, leave keys and instructions on unlocking them so the inspector can get in and look at them. 


   We discussed above a few essential tips regarding a home inspection. If you follow these tips, the home inspection process will go off without a hitch. Salt Ridge Capital will assist you throughout the process and ensure transparency as well.

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