How Long Does It Take To Buy A House in Ohio


However, even for first-time homebuyers, it is still possible to buy a house in Ohio. Fewer offers and frequent price drops in many markets give motivated buyers an advantage when negotiating the best price.

In this guide, learn how to buy a house in Ohio with confidence, regardless of market conditions. Find out why you can rely on our advice. It’s never too early to find a good local realtor to help you find a home, whether you’re actively looking or just starting to look at homes on Zillow. A seasoned agent can assist you in navigating a challenging housing market. 

Down Payment of The House 

At closing, you pay the first part of your home’s purchase price: your down payment. Ohio mortgage lenders typically require a 20% down payment from prospective buyers. That’s $43,349 for a $216,746 house, which is the typical price for a home in Ohio. Your home loan bank will pay the leftover equilibrium.

However, you can reduce the amount of your down payment in a few ways.

You can contribute zero percent and three percent of the purchase price of your home, respectively, to government-backed loans like VA loans and FHA loans. Indeed, even typical mortgages consider upfront installments as low as 3-5% (however, the base differs by loan specialist). 

Credible Real Estate Realtor 

How long does it take to buy a house in Ohio? It depends on the real estate realtor you hired for this process. Salt Ridge Capital is a well-renowned name in Ohio, facilitating its client throughout the process. You can sell your house fast for cash in a short span of time without any hurdles. Finding a suitable agent is the key factor in the home-buying process in Ohio. With a credible agent, you can get the desired results. 

Pre-Approval of the Loan 

When you get a loan pre-approval, it shows that you’re serious about buying. Most specialists suggest you have a pre-endorsement close by before you make a proposition, and they can give proposals to banks. However, pre-approval extends beyond pre-qualification. Numerous documents from you are required. Here are a few suggestions to speed things up:

Organize and prepare all of your mortgage pre-approval documents.

Within a 14-day window, compare rates from lenders as follows: All of their checks will be counted as one by the credit bureaus. That will help your credit score.

Negotiate An Offer 

Negotiation is based on the terms and conditions of both parties. You need to act smartly and grab the attention of potential buyers to get an exciting offer. The finalization of the deal depends on your offer and acceptance. With effective negotiations, it is a challenging task to get your expected profit.   

Get A Home Inspection 

Before spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new home in Ohio, having it inspected by a licensed inspector gives you peace of mind about the property’s condition.

Your inspector should inspect the following sections of the property:

Roof Foundation HVAC system Plumbing system Electrical system HVAC system If the home has a septic system, you should pay for a septic inspection to ensure it doesn’t have any issues that a typical home inspection wouldn’t find.


Once you are pleased with the property’s condition, it is time to reach the finish line. Your attorney or agent will tell you how to pay for the expenses (most likely with a certified check or cashier’s check, so give yourself enough time to get one), and you will have a firm number of what you need to pay included in your closing disclosure. The final day will be both exciting and terrifying; If you want a mortgage with a term of 30 years, you’ll have to sign many papers on a date that seems like it will never come. By choosing the right strategy and planning, you can sell your Ohio house fast at a competitive market price without delay. 

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