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We Buy Houses As-Is In Any Condition & Situation

Get your fair cash offer now from a trusted cash home buyer!


Get A Fair Cash Offer Now To Sell Your House Without Any Stress

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The Simplest Three-Step Process To Sell Your House Fast For Cash

At Salt Ridge Capital, it is our belief that every landlord should be able to sell their homes more quickly and easily. If you really want to sell your property, don’t waste your time and get a fair cash offer from us. We are ready to take your house irrespective of its condition. You can save on the cost of repairing and cleaning the home. We’ll take care of everything. Isn’t it simple and convenient?

Step 1
Contact Us
With our fair cash offer, you don’t need to face the difficulties of marketing your house. Most of the time, you can get a fair cash no-obligation offer within hours – no costs.
Step 2
Accept the offer.
We’ll schedule a date to view your property and make you a fair, no-obligation, and you can accept it whenever you are ready.
Step 3
Close Quickly
You will pick the date of your choice, and we will close the deal quickly. You can get paid in less than 14 days through escrow.

We Facilitate you in the Home Selling Process

Perks Of Choosing Salt Ridge Capitals To Sell Your House For Cash

Salt Ridge Capital is a perfect platform for selling your house. Without any listing costs, hidden fees, or agency commissions. It is a simple, painless closing procedure. No repairs, No renovations required!

You can get rid of the burden of the property which is not your choice, we can assist in this whole procedure.   

Have a look at this comparison to make your mind more clear about what sets us apart from other cash home buyers.

Our Three-Step Hassle-Free ProcessThe Traditional Way Of Selling Houses
  Sell Your House To Salt Ridge CapitalSelling To A Local Agent
-Fair Market value within 24 hours: You just have to tell us about your house. After evaluating it carefully, we will provide you with a fair cash, no-obligation offer.-The months-long procedure It is an emotionally and financially painful process that affects your daily routine. It will be a 90 days process.
-No showings – hassle-free process Salt Ridge Solutions always buy houses as-is, so there is no need to invest money and time in the house cleaning or repairing process.-A lot of showings This process includes a lot of showings, and it can affect your daily routine.
-Quick closing We can close in as little as two weeks. Also, the closing date will be chosen by you.-Long closing process After accepting a buyer’s offer. The closing time period is approximately 30 to 60 days if you meet the criteria of financing. 
-We pay closing costs Closing fees can quickly pile up, which is why we take care of them for you. We don’t charge any cost which is not mentioned or explained to you. -You pay closing cost A seller has to pay only 2 % at the time of closing 
-Zero commission We don’t charge any fees or commissions for buying your property. The amount you will get is the sale price only-Fees add up A seller pays 6% in commissions/fees on average.
-No need for repairs If your house required any damage repair, we will fix all issues. You can even leave undesired stuff behind, and we’ll carry them away for free.-Invest in repairs If the house inspector finds anything during the inspection process, you have to make it repaired or pay for it.

Trusted and Reliable Cash Home Buyer

Local  house seller who sold for cash

We buy houses for cash at any price. Our home-buying procedure is simple, and additionally, you can avail the advantage that we cover all closing fees.

If you are willing to sell your home… Start the process right away! Fill out the form or give us a call at (855) 464-9855.

You may finally get rid of the property that has been bothering you for so long.

Sell Your House In As Little As Seven Days

Trying to avoid foreclosure? Are you considering divorce? Moving? Are you worried about the mortgage? Liens? It doesn’t matter if you live in it, rent it out, leave it unoccupied, or it’s not even livable. We assist property owners who have inherited an undesired home, own an empty house, are behind on payments, owe liens, have downsized, and are unable to sell… even if the house requires repairs that you cannot afford… Yes, even if the house has been damaged by fire or has undesirable rental tenants.

Put an end to the stress and difficulty of selling your home on your own or through an agent. Selling directly to us saves you time and money. So what are you waiting for?

Salt Ridge Capital Core Values


We will always do our best. We will never be late for a meeting or a phone call, and we will always be available to you when you need us. You will surely get the best services here.

We only say what we actually do! Transparency in our processes and clarity in our communication will be prioritized, and we will work to find equitable solutions for everyone we assist.

We’re in this industry to help you solve your difficulties. It is a rare situation to be in since you are going through really difficult circumstances, and we welcome the opportunity to assist you in overcoming them.

Words From Our Satisfied Clients | Our Real Asset

“After our tenants left, my husband and I decided to sell it.” We attempted to sell it through local agents for almost nine months before contacting Salt Ridge Capital. The offer was a touch lower than we had anticipated, but considering the unoccupied state and all cash. I believe it closed about 30 to 35 days after we signed the deal. Overall, it was a very rapid and simple changeover. We would suggest Elliot and the Salt Ridge Capital team to anybody wanting to sell properties easily and hassle-free.” -Kim

“I highly recommend selling your house to Salt Ridge Capital to everyone who wants a hassle-free and smooth home selling process. Elliot is a superb person. He understands the seller’s requirements. Would love to work with him again.“ -John

Here Are The Options For You To Sell Your House

Read all of them carefully to choose the best one for you.

Option 1: You can opt for the listing way to sell your house and it’s a long-term hectic process. The hassle of open houses, and other uncertainties can badly affect your life.
Option 2: Sell your house by yourself (FSBO); it means you are the one who will take care of listing, marketing, showing the property, and dealing with visitors. 
Option 3: Sell for cash to Salt Ridge Capital: There is zero hassle in selling your house as-is! The closing date is of your choice. All you have to do is request a no-obligation cash offer and everything will be handled by us.

If you contact us and fill out the short property information form, we’ll make you a fair all-cash offer on your house within 24 hours (below). The best part is, you can choose the closing date. The condition of your house and the tenants in it make no difference at all! We will take care of everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How quickly can Salt Ridge Solutions buy my house for cash?

Ans: We specialize in quick property sales and may buy any home in as little as 7 days, including conveyancing, exchange, and closing part. You set the deadline, and we do the rest! It’s as simple as 1,2, and 3.

Q2- Are there any fees, commissions, or any obligation?

Ans: Not at all. There are no fees and we never obligate our clients to accept the offers. You are free to make your decisions.

Q3- My house is badly damaged, can you still buy it?

Ans: Yes. We not only buy your house but also never ask for any repair costs. Everything will be handled by our dedicated team of real estate professionals.

Q4- What will happen if I change my mind or don’t agree with your offer?

Ans: You are free to leave till the process is finished. There is no fee or obligation to utilize our services, and we never put you under any pressure to sell your house to us.

Q5- Do you charge any fees for giving me a cash offer?

Ans: Even if you are not in a rush to sell your property right away, Salt Ridge Capital buyers may provide you with a free cash offer. We also offer free advice if we feel you would be better suited to listing your house with a traditional agency. Even if you decide not to employ our services, the official estimate and recommendations are absolutely free and impose no responsibilities on you, the homeowner.

Get A Fair Cash Offer Now To Sell Your House Without Any Stress

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